It’s about to start!

Your Checklist –
Your way to Team Analysis

To make sure that everything is ready for your team development, we have prepared a small checklist for you.

Below you will find all necessary information. Should you still have questions: Please get in touch with your contact person Vanessa, she will be happy to help you.

What do you get out of it?

  • Common awareness & understanding of your soft and hard skills
  • Clarity about your expectations, about yourself & about your Team members
  • Mutual support and development of your potentials
  • Get to know the strengths of others & use them in a goal-oriented way
  • Capacities and resources can be optimally planned
  • Company loyalty is strengthened
  • Discrepancies are now easier to get out of the way

First step

Thought of everything?

We recommend you follow the following procedure as closely as possible. If you have any questions, please contact Vanessa directly.

  • Have you defined a person to start the team analysis for everyone? Who is this person?
  • Be a role model and be the first to register on our website.
  • Complete the first part of the personality test.
  • Fill out the second part of the personality test.
  • Reflect on your evaluation
  • Take a total of about 45 minutes of your time
  • Fill out your profile and enter the corresponding billing address.
  • Click on “Team” in the top center and create your first team.
  • Choose a suitable name for your team.
  • Tell us if you are part of the team yourself.
  • Invite your colleagues by simply entering their email addresses and clicking on “Send invitation”.
  • Enter your voucher code and confirm the order.
  • Set a date by which everyone should have completed the form and inform your colleagues, for example by e-mail (see example below)

To registration

Second step

Inform your team

Here is an example of what your email to your colleagues might look like – one way or another:

Dear colleagues,

I would like to start a team analysis of MatchManao with you, as already mentioned.

Let us learn together as a team to work better together and to grow beyond ourselves. Each of us will also receive a personality analysis.

Based on this and anonymized we will then receive an evaluation with concrete recommendations on how to optimize our cooperation, communication and productivity.

  • Please register via the following link: (please insert your individual invitation link here).
  • Take the complete personality test. Take about 30 minutes for it.
  • Take another 15 minutes for reflection.
  • Please do this until … (we recommend to give the team max. 1 week for this)
  • Once everyone has filled out the form, we will receive a complete team analysis (don’t worry, your personality evaluation will not be publicly!).
  • Please enter the following date in your calendar for a mutual exchange of information for our evaluation: …
  • Let’s work together on ourselves and use the corresponding recommendations for action.

If you have any questions please contact me directly.

Thank you very much for your trust and our cooperation!

Name, First name

Third step

Now it becomes exciting

  • As soon as all your team mates have successfully completed the personality test, you will receive an email.
  • Please go back to your dashboard, click on your team and select “Analysis” in the upper left corner and your team analysis is ready.
  • Plan an appointment with all colleagues in time to reflect on the analysis together.
  • Afterwards we are looking forward to your written feedback. You will then receive another workbook from MatchManao with which you can constantly work on your flow, your strengths and your focus.
  • We recommend that you repeat the team analysis at least twice a year, every three months is recommended.
  • Or you can book directly our ongoing team development for one year with different topics (trust, resilience, communication, …), which will make you an unbeatable team.

Your common appointment

Now nothing stands in the way of your common appointment. It is about you as a team, about your self-perception and your reflection.

For preparation, everyone should take at least 15 minutes for their evaluation. We have created a workbook for you.

Our recommendation:

If you want to talk openly about your profiles:

  • Set the trust frame. You must feel secure in your team! What does each of you need to be able to speak openly and honestly?
  • It is important that you talk about all the points that the results gives you – from top to bottom.
  • Everyone should add to their own profile about their personality, values, roles and working methods. (Page 3 in the Workbook)
  • What personalities do you have in the team? What is the best way to bring yourselves into the team?
  • Do you complement each other in your values? Which values make you a team?
  • What role does each individual play? Have you filled all roles? Do you already live your role completely in your team? Should you talk again about your tasks in relation to your roles?
  • Do your working methods, tools and focus times correspond with the whole team? What adjustments can you make if necessary? (Example: If you all have your focus working time in the morning, meetings should be held in the afternoon)
  • What is important to each of you in the way you work? What can the team do so that everyone is strengthened in it? (pages 4 and 5 in the Workbook)
  • Make notes in your Workbook (page 6). What are your skills? What does the team see in you? What would you like to do more from now on? What is your contribution to the team?

If you want to remain anonymous:

  • Go through the group contents
  • Use our recommendations for action
  • Set concrete goals

Whatever you decide, always remember that:

You are valuable!

The MatchManao Team