White Label Lösungen: Von Analyse bis MATCHMAKING

Soft Skills and Hard Skills Analyse & Matching

Whether you need an entire platform with fully automated processes for your own company’s project or want to expand your existing platform with intelligent machine learning matching – we have both software solutions for you.

Because we offer you our own ready-made platform as a complete white label solution. You can start your matchmaking right away. Or the simple integration of our analyses and matching via APIs. You decide what you need.

You know how complex it is to develop an intelligent matching system on the levels of personality, values, team roles, working methods, and all hard facts like skills and project requirements. To always have the best fitting high performing team as a matching outcome. Since we at MatchManao want to improve the work environment for people even more and cannot achieve this in all areas alone, we offer you a tailor-made solution of our intelligent matchmaking for your own project’s needs.


Improve your own recruiting process, save time and money and make more informed decisions. Or establish your very own platform to bring people together based on their soft and hard skills.

Save yourself the work and start your MATCHMAKING success now

We have already invested several years in the development of an intelligent machine learning algorithm. We use it to calculate our personality and team analyses as well as candidate and team matchings. To make data collection and evaluation easy for people, we have developed the platform of MatchManao.com.

The MATCHMAKING White Label Platform Solution

  1. You will receive a copy of the platform with all automation and questionnaires in your secure data cluster.
  2. You can adapt the visual appearance of the platform to your individual corporate identity.
  3. You can extend the questionnaires to soft skills and even customize the hard skills.
  4. You can start immediately with personality analyses, team analyses, team matching, and candidate matching.

The whole thing runs under your own domain and we take care of the hosting of your new matching platform. You will be successful because you make the absolute added value of the complex matching easily accessible to your customers in your industry.

This solution suits you perfectly

  • if you start from scratch.
  • if you already have your own website and want to expand it.

This solution enables you

  • to run your own platform for your industry and company.
  • you save high costs for development and maintenance.
  • you benefit from a MATCHMAKING AI.
  • to make data-driven and informed decisions.


Lass uns besprechen wie wir dein Projekt mit dir als Partner gestalten.

You are in good company

You are in good company
You are in good company
You are in good company
You are in good company
You are in good company
You are in good company


Soft and Hard Skills Analysis and MATCHMAKING via API

We integrate our data collection questionnaires into your existing website or software and return the results of our intelligent algorithm to you. This allows you to extend your existing processes with candidate matching or team analysis.

Together we can achieve this in two ways:

The REST API solution

  1. You get every question from our questionnaires as JSON and send us the answer back as JSON (full API).
  2. You get the results back as PDF (with your logo) or again as JSON for your own design.
  3. In the simplest version, the data is stored in our MatchManao platform.
  4. Optionally we can host your data in a separate cluster.

The Iframe Solution

  1. Iframe integration into your website/ platform
  2. Result available as PDF (with your logo) or JSON
  3. In the simplest version, the data is stored in the MatchManao platform
  4. Optionally we can host your data in a separate cluster

This solution fits you perfectly,

  • if you already have an existing application process.
  • if you already use other recruiting software.
  • if you want to integrate questionnaires and evaluations into your website.

This solution enables you

  • to extend your own website or software with our solution.
  • to save money and time in the application process.
  • make data-driven and well-founded decisions.

Let’s plan how we can design your project with you as our partner.