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Hiring Self-analysis and candidate check
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  • Candidate-Hiring
  • Figure out, in the Soft Facts Deep Dive, how well candidates fit not only with your company but especially with your team.
  • + 66 Soft Facts
  • + Candidate Comparison
  • + Team-Matching Check
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Transformation Understand your organisation and boost change management.
  • Personality Analysis
  • For free
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  • Selection
  • Identify your Change Ambassadors.
  • + 66 Soft Facts
  • + Prioritize your own Soft Facts
  • + Own selection criteria
  • + Access to Partner-Network
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  • Matching
  • Find the best team or get equally good teams.
  • + Matching based on the soft.fact algorithm
  • + 50 Soft Facts
  • + Prioritize your own Soft Facts
  • + Any team size
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"With soft.fact, we have found a way to get to know and understand each other better as a team. The exchange about personal strengths as well as the resulting growing understanding for each other has a positive effect on the climate and cooperation in the team."

Carina Wanner - Head of Marketing, Develey
Get to know yourself better

  • Add scientific data to your gut feeling scientific data
  • Train your reflection
  • Improve your teamwork

Unleash your team potential

  • Increase your satisfaction & performance
  • Solve conflicts before they arise
  • Design your work the way it suits you

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All soft.fact components are computed based on a wide range of scientific findings on the dynamics of groups, cognitive diversity in teams and current findings on collective intelligence. In addition, we iteratively integrate all insights. Fundamental theories on which our approaches are based are the five-factor model, the HAPA model for behavior modification from health psychology research, and self-developed models of communication and functioning. Our instrument is gradually revised and improved based on new scientific findings from psychological research and our own research projects.

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The soft.fact Team Design is the optimal combination of the members of a team in the areas of personality, values, team roles, working methods and communication. Within a team it is good to have diverse character traits in order to be able to illuminate tasks from as many views as possible. In this way, a team can find the best solutions. Teams whose roles complement each other have the ability to respond well to many different situations. In contrast, values, working methods and communication are more about similarity among team members. A team can act better as a unit if it is similar in its values, chooses a similar approach in the way it works depending on the tasks, and communicates as consistently as possible. As a result, good team design encourages different approaches to problem solving, as team members complement each other in their way of thinking. Conflicts can be resolved more quickly and the focus is on achieving goals. The calculation in the alignment of teams is the same in the basic building blocks. However, the ideal composition always depends on the team size and the context in which a team is located.

To start, each team member invests up to 45 minutes to fill in the questionnaires for the Soft Facts Analysis. Regular time investment for your continuous development is completely customizable according to your needs.

Yes, and in addition, supporting analog companion materials are provided. On request, soft.fact is also happy to give a workshop remotely or on-site.

We pay attention not only to the basic data protection regulation, but also to ethical principles. We consider the principles of the German Society for Transactional Analysis to be particularly important.

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