About Us.

We are soft.fact. We are a software company.

We make you aware of soft - fact. We change hard to the soft - fact. We bring the soft to the fact.

For a {business} world, made for people.

{working) world = affects private as well as professional lives made for = tailored to human needs people = every person around the globe









Our Vision

We enable people to work better together - everyday - in a {business} world made for them.

Our Mission

Our software makes human characteristics visible, understandable, and usable for every team.

Our Purpose

…and the reason why we stand up with a smile everyday: The belief in a {business} world made for people. In this world we prevent people from burning out and enable them to create a satisfying, fulfilling {work} environment. If we don’t do it, the circumstances in the {business} world will continue to produce sick people instead of unleashing their full potential. An outcome where we all lose. That’s why we all show up for soft.fact to create this impact through meaningful work. We live the dream of a self-determined life: a {business} world made for people, every day.