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*Source: Average values from over 220 teams in 150 companies.
What makes soft.fact unique?

soft.ware, that makes Soft Facts measurable

Successful transformation

Analyses show you which employees and teams not only go along with the transformations, but also drive them forward.

Healthy growth

Establish a company culture that also withstands change and transformation. Healthy growth - mentally and economically.

Attractive employer image

Tomorrow's employees expect an environment that takes into account individual values, ways of working, and motives. No problem with soft.fact.

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Less personnel costs

Reduce personnel costs by having more satisfied, high-performing, and healthier teams. Analyses help assess the "team fit" of each employee and candidate.

Sustainable performance improvement

We help your teams to create more understanding for themselves. This way, everyone realizes their own potential, is happier and performs better.

(...)As a result, the effort in transformation projects is drastically reduced for all stakeholders(...)

Daniel B. Werner

Managing Partner

(...)soft.fact provides me…a methodological diversity that I cannot use with any other solution for working with my clients(...)

Anja Schramke

Consultant & Coach

(...)This makes it an excellent tool for organisations looking to develop high performing teams."

Caroline Osswald

Head of Recruiting

(...)We were able to…clearly define our criteria for new team members based on the team's needs and roles(...)

Nora Alfen

Head of Acceleration

(...)The exchange…the resulting growing understanding for each other has had a positive effect on the climate and cooperation in the team(...)

Carina Wanner

Head of Marketing

(....)shown where we can use our strengths to position ourselves even better as a team and as mediators for our customers(...)

Doreen Aleksander

Head of Service Management

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Register for free and take a look at the platform today. No cost, subscription, time limit, or obligations.

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Free Membership

With just a few clicks, you can take a look at the platform today, analyze your own personality and get feedback from colleagues.
Free of charge, without subscription, time limit or obligations.

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Paid Membership

If you choose the paid plan, you get access to the entire soft.fact platform. This means more soft facts analysis on values, roles, motives as well as team analysis or team development.


Who, how, what? Maybe we can answer one or the other question for you

What distinguishes soft.fact from its competitors?

With us, customers get the full package. They understand the culture of an organization, what teams need for better collaboration, and the needs of employees. This is possible through the most comprehensive analyses and results on the market, in order to fundamentally understand team dynamics in their diversity. In addition to the results for understanding one's own behavior, triggers, and potentials, we also provide direct action measures for improving the situation of employees.

How do employees benefit from using soft.fact?

In essence, it’s about discussing what makes people who they are at work.Through our analyses, employees get the opportunity to a) get to know themselves better and b) talk to their colleagues about it, as they are visible as individuals. In this way, employees can be who they are at work, as there is an understanding in the team of the Role, Personality, Values, Ways of Working, etc. of each and every individual - and whoever can be who they are at work is happier, more productive, and more satisfied.

How do we convince the works council?

Through a consistently implemented concept for user safety and privacy. In addition to GDPR and IT security compliance, databases are also secure according to the latest standards. Our software allows for fully anonymized work. All functionalities and results are also available to teams that want to work anonymously and still generate added value for themselves. Users can voluntarily share results with others within a team. They always have control over who sees what. This allows works councils to approve a tool that enables employees to grow personally while protecting the privacy of individuals.

What distinguishes soft.fact from other tests such as MBTI or DISG?

Tests such as MBTI or DISG don’t meet the professional requirements of the International Society for Psychological Assessment. We do - soft.fact works scientifically and combines a variety of test procedures from personality, values, motives, resilience and mindfulness, allowing us to identify synergies between these areas - something other tests cannot do. In addition, we calculate team dynamics and provide recommendations for action.

How does the team development process work?
  • Organization owner creates the team on soft.fact
  • Invites team members
  • Each team member answers questions about their Personality, Role, Values, Ways of Working, and Communication - and gets the results.
    The results of all team members are then summarized in the Team Analysis, resulting in Team Roles, Team Personality, Team Values, Team Ways of Working.
  • The team potentials are then calculated based on the above.
  • The team development covers 10 different topics (trust, responsibility, mindfulness, communication, resilience, motivation, emotional intelligence, self-efficacy, proactivity, learning), which are then worked on together as a team, from the biggest growth potential that the team has to the smallest.
What are the benefits for organizations of using soft.fact?

soft.fact covers the entire life cycle of employees: From hiring and team development to large transformation projects, our analyses can help you find the right people, develop them according to their needs, and then drive organizational change.

What are Soft Facts?

There is no precise definition of Soft Facts in the scientific literature (yet). We’re talking about everything that makes up a person - Hard Facts (professional competencies), Soft Skills (methodological competence, social competence, personal qualities, etc.) - as well as the result of from group dynamic processes, as Soft Facts. This includes personal experiences, trust, responsibility, communication, mindfulness, resilience, motivation, emotional intelligence, self-efficacy, proactivity, and learning. By examining the dynamic processes that arise in social context between people, it’s possible to measure Soft Facts - just like Hard Facts.
You can find more information about this and other (scientific) terminology in our soft.factionary. Log in to access it.

What about GDPR and security?<br>

Privacy is one of the highest values of humanity. In addition to an anonymization procedure to protect user data, data protection is a top priority on our platform.As such, our default mode is privacy on. This means that you’re always asked if you want to share information or results with your team. Also, our users always remain the owners of the provided data.Because this topic is really important to us, not only is our founder a member of Amnesty International in their working group for digital human rights, but we also work with an external data protection officer, the Hanseatic Society for Applicant Data Protection. We are annually tested and audited by them, among others.

What payment methods do you offer?

You can pay by credit card and direct debit - except for workshops and coaching sessions, which are on account.

How scientific is soft.fact?

All soft.fact elements are calculated based on a variety of scientific findings on group dynamics, cognitive diversity in teams, and current insights into collective intelligence. In addition, all findings are iteratively integrated. Basic theories that underpin our approaches include the Five-Factor Model, the HAPA Model for behavioral modification from health psychology research, as well as our own models of communication and working methods. Our instrument is gradually revised and improved based on new scientific findings from psychological research and our own research projects.

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