About us

Our vision

We enable people to work better together - every day - in a {business} world made for them.

Our mission

Our soft.ware makes human characteristics visible, understandable and usable for every team.

Our purpose

...and the reason we wake up every day with a smile: The belief in a {business} world made for people. In this world, we prevent people from burning out and enable them to create a satisfied, fulfilled {business} environment. If we don't do that, the circumstances in the {business} world will continue to lead to high stress and sick people, rather than enabling workers to unleash their full potential – a lose-lose situation. That's why we all work for soft.fact - to reshape this effect through meaningful work. We live the dream of a self-determined life: a {business} world made for people, every day.

The soft.fact team

Aleksandar Cucukovic
Product Designer
Anna Albrecht
Founder's Associate
Johannes Faust
Business Development
Kristina Püschel
Communications & Key Accounting Manager
Laura Pfromm
Lead UX & BX Manager
Philip Kaulen
Business Developer Manager
Sherif Neamatalla
Full Stack Developer
Simon Drexl
Creative Producer
Stefan Kreuter
Chief Technology Officer
Urs Merkel
Chief Vision Officer
Viktoria Freudenberg
Business Development