About us

Our vision

We enable people to work better together - every day - in a {business} world made for them.

Our mission

Our soft.ware makes human characteristics visible, understandable and usable for every team.

Our purpose

...and the reason we wake up every day with a smile: The belief in a {business} world made for people. In this world, we prevent people from burning out and enable them to create a satisfied, fulfilled {business} environment. If we don't do that, the circumstances in the {business} world will continue to lead to high stress and sick people, rather than enabling workers to unleash their full potential – a lose-lose situation. That's why we all work for soft.fact - to reshape this effect through meaningful work. We live the dream of a self-determined life: a {business} world made for people, every day.

The soft.fact team

Aleksandar Cucukovic
Product Designer
Anna Albrecht
Founder's Associate
Johannes Faust
Business Development
Kristina Püschel
Communications & Key Accounting Manager
Laura Pfromm
Philip Kaulen
Business Developer Manager
Sherif Neamatalla
Full Stack Developer
Simon Drexl
Creative Producer
Stefan Kreuter
Chief Technology Officer
Urs Merkel
Chief Vision Officer
Viktoria Freudenberg
Business Development