How to strengthen trust in the team

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Jeannine Lehmer
Jeannine Lehmer Published on 10.03.2023
How to strengthen trust in the team

As you have already learned in our last blog posts, trust in your team has a lot to do with your long-term success. Today, you will learn from us how you can strengthen your trust in the long term. 


1. Open and honest communication: 

To build trust, it is important that you communicate openly and honestly with each other. This creates transparency and prevents misunderstandings and conflicts. To do this, you can have an open conversation as a team once a week, for example, where everyone can share their opinions and thoughts to better understand what makes everyone tick.


2. Take responsibility: 

When you take responsibility and keep your word, it builds trust within the team. It is important that everyone takes their tasks seriously and performs them reliably. Everyday exercise: For example, you can introduce a responsibility system in which everyone is responsible for certain tasks or projects and ensures that they are reliably completed.


3. Feedback and appreciation: 

Feedback and appreciation can build trust in your team by making sure everyone feels seen and appreciated. It can help to have a weekly feedback session where everyone can share their thoughts and give feedback.


4. Shared experiences and activities: 

Shared experiences and activities can help you get to know and trust each other better. This can be, for example, having lunch together, playing table tennis or having a team building day.


It is important to note that it takes time to build trust. Teams should be patient and continuously work on the above exercises to build a healthy and strong trust among each other.