Productivity and mindfulness? What do I actually want to achieve today?

Every day, we resolve to take care of the things that are important today. But then something always comes up.
Whether it's a very urgent project, an important phone call or the colleagues you just want to help quickly.

All of this is important, and of course it is commendable if we stand by our colleagues. But in the evening, we sit on the couch and think about how we didn't get done what we set out to do after all. The day doesn't feel productive and we are dissatisfied. Maybe we have simply taken on too much. Or we worked on all the building sites, but didn't really finish anything. Or or or... The fact is, our dissatisfaction can have many reasons.

With all the pressure to be productive and the hectic pace, mindfulness usually comes up short. I don't have time to really listen to myself, because the mail still has to go out and the phone is ringing again.

We know this too well, so we have tried out a lot ourselves.
We have packed our experiences into a canvas for you. We work with it ourselves and it helps us to focus and still not neglect the social aspects.

YOUR FOCUS - Canvas for productivity, work methodology, workflow and mindfulness.

Set yourself a daily theme:
You spend most of your time with your colleagues, but we don't consciously notice much of it. Does someone need your help right now? Or can someone encourage you right now so that you feel better? We have drawn several topics for you that will draw your attention to the interpersonal component.

What are your tasks today?  
Write down your tasks that you want to accomplish today. This to-do list alone in the morning draws your attention to these topics. Where are you dependent on others, where can you take care of the result alone? Don't take on too much, but remain realistic in what you can really accomplish.

What is your focus?
What is the one task that makes today a success? If you accomplished THAT, then you can say with satisfaction that it was a successful day. More about job satisfaction

Set yourself a challenge
Leave your comfort zone every now and then and try something new. We've put together some suggestions for you. Whether it's a change of perspective, a compliment to colleagues or a new working method. These small changes in your routine will give you new impulses and ideas.

Be aware of yourself
Listen to yourself and feel how it feels to be you today. This mindfulness usually comes up short. But if you don't listen to how you feel right now, you can't do better tomorrow. Be your own best friend and ask yourself how you feel.

Our focus planner supports you in timing your days so that you also find time for yourself in your productivity.

Focus Canvas Mindfulness Work Tool

Download our canvas for your personal focus.

Make your notes in our template, or transfer the info to your own journal. If you would like more weekly templates, please contact us. Request weekly templates - Canvas