Advice for a more inclusive world of work

Philip Kaulen
March 8, 2024

This is how we at soft.fact take the needs of women* into account

In today's working world, it is essential to create an environment that values the diversity and individuality of each team member. At soft.fact, we have set ourselves the goal of taking into account the needs of women in the workplace in particular, thereby increasing not only the satisfaction but also the performance of our team. Here are some approaches that have worked for us.

1. flexibility is the key

The introduction of flexible working models was a decisive step in enabling our employees to better reconcile their work with other areas of their lives. Whether working from home, flexible working hours or part-time options - the ability to adapt work to one's own life has proven to be a major motivating factor.

2. actively promote career development

We firmly believe that everyone should have the same opportunities to develop and grow. Through targeted mentoring and the creation of development paths, we support our employees in achieving their career goals.

3. create a culture of inclusion and appreciation

A working environment in which everyone feels respected and valued is the basis for true teamwork and innovation. We believe in a culture that celebrates diversity and where everyone can speak their mind openly. Regular training and guidelines help us to maintain and develop this culture.

4. take health and well-being seriously

We place particular emphasis on mental support, be it through workshops, counseling services or simply an open exchange about personal challenges. For example, we have a check-in with the entire team every morning, in which everyone reports on how they feel today, what they want to achieve today and whether they need professional or emotional support.

5. putting the individual at the center

Every person is unique and has individual strengths, needs and ideas. It is important to recognize and promote this individuality. At soft.fact, we use our soft.ware, which helps us to better understand the personality of each team member and, on this basis, to create a working environment in which everyone can flourish.

6. allow emotions

We are of the opinion, and we live by it, that women should not have to adapt to the still largely unemotional, numbers-driven "elbow-working world". Rather, it should be our social goal to align the world of work with their needs in order to be an attractive employer and therefore successful as a company. We are convinced that the world of work is a better place if it is also 'softer' - for everyone. That is why we attach great importance to the emotions and mental health of all employees.


These approaches are just a few examples of how we at soft.fact are making the world of work a little more inclusive and fairer. The key to success lies in seeing each person as an individual and giving them the opportunity to develop their full potential.

If you would like to find out more about how we implement this at soft.fact and how our tools can support you, we look forward to exchanging ideas with you.

*Women who work at soft.fact and identify themselves as such

Philip Kaulen
September 1, 2023