This is how you can tell how strong your team is together

Learn why a high-performing team is always a team that sticks together.

Jeannine Lehmer
Jeannine Lehmer Published on 17.02.2023
This is how you can tell how strong your team is together

Why is it so important to have good team cohesion? 

For one thing, you can increase your productivity with your team cohesion. When team members work well together, they are able to accomplish more and achieve better results than if they worked individually. Likewise, teams that are cohesive communicate better with each other and are able to resolve conflicts more effectively. Team creativity and problem-solving abilities also increase when members stick together. All in all, team cohesion has something to do not only with your long-term success, but also with how happy you are.

Here are 10 signs you can tell you have strong team cohesion:


  1. You have regular exchanges with each other and take time to continue to strengthen team cohesion
  2. You communicate openly and honestly with each other and actively listen to each other's ideas.
  3. You are open and can give each other feedback
  4. You show mutual interest - also for the emotional, physical and mental sensitivities of the individual team members.
  5. You have a common vision that you pursue daily
  6. You want to grow and develop as a team
  7. You are ready to support each other in stressful phases and to give each other a helping hand. 
  8. You can rely on each other's support, encouragement and appreciation
  9. You have fun together
  10. You feel comfortable and connected in the team and enjoy going to work. 

It is important to note that strong team cohesion does not mean that everything always goes easily and productively. Have realistic expectations of each other and be open and committed to growing from misunderstandings and stressful periods. You are evolving every day, not only personally, but also as a team.