Leaders and the art of employee motivation

Philip Kaulen
January 15, 2024

In a constantly changing world of work, it is essential that managers understand and promote the individual skills of their employees. This article sheds light on how my boss adapted my work to my personal motives - self-actualization, self-optimization, goal identification and responsibility - and what impact this had on my performance and satisfaction.

1. self-realization through initiative

My involvement in initiating and launching the B2B influencer marketing project was a significant step towards self-realization. Contributing and implementing my own ideas not only brought me great satisfaction, but also a strong sense of personal fulfillment, which contributed significantly to increasing the brand's reach.

2. self-optimization through project management

The introduction of structured project management in response to the different expectations between me and my boss was a key aspect of my self-optimization. This adjustment improved my organizational skills and deepened my understanding of efficient work processes.

3. target identification in communication with the boss

A key point in my professional development was my boss's understanding of my fundamental goals: financial security and solving my own problems. This clarity in communication helped me to take on tasks that directly contributed to or supported these goals, allowing me to reach my full potential.

4. responsibility as a motivating factor

Taking on responsibility in this project and adapting to the project management methods strengthened my sense of self-efficacy and confidence. This experience significantly increased my motivation and commitment to the company.


My boss tailoring my work tasks to my individual drives has significantly improved my job satisfaction and performance. Recognizing my personal goals and helping me achieve them is crucial to a management style that not only promotes personal development, but also creates a stronger team and a more productive work environment.

Philip Kaulen
September 1, 2023