Trapped in yesterday: How employees suffer in old-school companies

Anna Albrecht
April 29, 2024

In the world of business, standing still is like an old cell phone - at some point it will simply no longer be produced. But there are companies out there that cling to outdated methods and habits as if they were ancient treasures. In doing so, they often lose sight of how much employees suffer from the disadvantages of these old processes and methods. This article takes a look at how employees in such old-school companies struggle with the consequences and what needs to be done to change things.

Career on hold - lack of further development

In companies that are stubbornly stuck in the past, professional development often feels like a disused theme park. The refusal to say goodbye to outdated methods often means that employees have little chance of learning new skills or advancing in their field. Managers play the DJ and rely on the same old beats instead of allowing fresh input. This not only slows down career prospects, but also causes frustration and a feeling of being stuck in a rut.

Lack of motivation and lost commitment

If the company stubbornly insists on old habits, this can really put the brakes on employees. A lack of incentives for innovative ideas and the opportunity to try something new can cause motivation to plummet. Employees feel like they're in an old movie in which their ideas are dismissed as irrelevant. This erodes commitment and loyalty to the company, which increases the risk of staff turnover and the loss of bright minds.

Stress alarm due to outdated processes

In companies with encrusted working methods, stress is often as present as the coffee in the office kitchen. Outdated technologies and entrenched structures lead to a veritable fireworks display of stress among employees. They are constantly juggling old systems and feel like they have to compete against e-bikes on a scooter. This not only puts a strain on their work, but also on their work-life balance. Overtime is often inevitable and the constant repetition of old procedures, which ultimately require a great deal of improvement, wears on the nerves.


The negative effects of old-school behaviour in companies not only affect the organization itself, but above all the employees. Ignoring innovation and progress can lead to professional stagnation, a lack of motivation and increased stress levels. It's time for companies to not only recognize the effects on their employees, but also to actively counteract them in order to shake off outdated habits and create a positive, dynamic working atmosphere. Because one thing is clear: the path to the future does not lead through the rear-view mirror!

Anna Albrecht
September 1, 2023