How to increase your agile mindset in the team

Anna Albrecht
January 1, 2023

If you have an agile mindset as a team, then you have a team attitude that is characterized by a high degree of flexibility, a strong desire to work together, a high level of creativity and willingness to innovate, and a great openness to learning. But how exactly do you get there? Today we have compiled our top 5 tips on how you can make your mindset even more agile:


1. Trust:

Trust is a prerequisite for agile cooperation. When trying out new ideas and methods, the team must be able to rely on the support of the management level and the other team members. So actively work on your psychological security and find out what you need as a team to be able to trust each other even better

 2nd communication: 

An open and transparent communication culture also promotes the agile mindset in the team. For example, hold regular feedback sessions and make sure you are all on the same level of knowledge. It is also important that you feel that you can express your opinions and concerns authentically and honestly.

 3. Flexibility:

Agile working requires flexibility and adaptability. Therefore, as a team, you should be ready to adapt quickly to changes and accept new challenges. So work on your openness to change on a regular basis. It can help to ask yourself what keeps you from being flexible and what you need in your team to be more open to new situations.

4. Cohesion:

An agile mindset requires strong cohesion. So make sure you pull together and always support each other. 

5. Willingness to learn:

Agile work is a constant process of learning and improvement. It is elementary that you are open and self-confident enough to learn from mistakes in order to be able to constantly develop further.

Is it also important for you as a team to stay agile and flexible in today's fast-paced world? Feel free to share your experiences with agility on our LinkedIn account. We are looking forward to the exchange!

Anna Albrecht
September 1, 2023