Personality tests in comparison

Anna Albrecht
June 28, 2023

If you search online for "personality test" to learn more about yourself, you will usually find what you are looking for quickly. This also applies to other tests that can be used to describe characteristics about one's own person. Be it a competency test to become aware of one's own level of skills and abilities or any other test. Isn't it convenient to be able to use the Internet to quickly find an answer to your questions? It is practical, but whether the choice is a good one is questionable. Unfortunately, the conviction to use a test is sometimes formed for the wrong reasons. We are systematically influenced by confounding factors. They give us a false sense of security in the decision.

I take the test that everyone takes

If we search for a test on the Internet, this presupposes that the corresponding test can be found on the Internet at all. However, some scientific tests are not accessible to the general public. Contents of scientific results are unfortunately sometimes only available in paid journals / articles and not searchable via a search engine like Google. This means that the amount of available tests on the internet is not a good sample of all available tests.

In addition, tests are unevenly well advertised on the Internet. This leads to the fact that we encounter many a name more often during the search. Due to the higher availability of selected test names or brands, we get the impression that it must be better. We weight our judgment wrongly because we confuse availability with quality.

Valuable test = expensive test?

A rational thought would be to assume that a good test costs money. The better the test, the more expensive it must be. Based on this, it would be a logical conclusion to be able to compare two tests based on their price. The more expensive test would therefore be better.

We believe that a personality test should cost nothing at all. In order to describe a person's personality in the best possible way, there should be no corporate interest that makes money from artificial potentials created out of self-interest. The results would be self-serving and would not serve the general public. A personality test must therefore be developed with objective scientific principles of test theory at its core and strive for truth. Therefore, we pay attention to a constant development of our instrument and continuously integrate scientific results. Likewise, our personality analysis is freely available, as we want to provide access to self-knowledge to everyone free of charge.

Once construct validity in high German please

Wouldn't it be nice to create a bridge between scientifically accepted standards and test instruments used in the private sector? For this, research work would have to be made explainable so that it can be understood and accepted by non-scientists. In turn, companies in the private sector would have to trust external findings and use the instruments appropriately. This is exactly what we want. We even go one step further and would like to participate in research. For this we need cooperation partners and study participants who support our research project. We would like to compare two personality tests. One test is based on the dimensions of Carl G. Jung. The second test is based on a five factor model of personality. With the help of the collected results we will further develop our own instrument and give other test users the opportunity to follow our vision.

You can find out more about our understanding of personality here.

Anna Albrecht
September 1, 2023