Glad you are here. Glad that I am here. Glad that we are here.

Anna Albrecht
June 1, 2023

The only thing that stands in our way, believe it or not, is usually ourselves.

We all know that each and every one of us has our own personality, lives our own values, takes on a certain role - whether in our private or professional lives. The way we handle certain things is also very specific. And that's a good thing! Great things can come out of diversity if we only know how to use it as a strength for us.

soft.fact stands for teams that really fit. And in the spirit of "practice what you preach", we will show you how important it is to know yourself and your team colleagues, using a concrete example from our everyday lives. Because people are experts in assessing others - whether family members, friends, colleagues at work, or just the person selling at the kiosk around the corner - and interpreting their behavior. We do this because we have a strong need to understand our world. But we often forget the most obvious thing: ourselves. What are we actually like? Why do we behave the way we do? And how often has it happened to us that we have been mistaken about our counterpart?

Is everything love, peace and harmony at soft.fact?

Certainly not! And we are very happy about that. Because: If something doesn't move from time to time, and if there is perhaps a little jerkiness in this movement, nothing will happen. We also move - and try to convert this friction resulting from the movement into energy. Energy that helps us drive our vision forward. Using a concrete example from our working life, we would like to show you how important it is to have an awareness of personality, values, role and working methods in a team.

Vanessa tells:

A new teammate - what did that mean for me?

"soft.fact got a new employee and of course we were all very curious. Of course, we started a team analysis with her in advance, which gave us the certainty that she complements us with her personality, our values match perfectly, her role can be an enrichment and our ways of working fit together. The first personal impression was very positive - a lively, open and warm smile greeted us. I was happy to see even more women power in the Ohana myself! Still, there were a few questions floating around in my head. Do our values really match and do our roles actually complement each other? Does her way of working match mine, will she complement me in her way or rather hold me back?

A few weeks have gone by and we have already made great progress together. But it hasn't always been easy either, we've had a few difficult situations. That's probably very normal and many people probably feel the same way. But how do we deal with it in the right way? What can the team do to help us get back on the same track in the right direction? And what can you and I do about it ourselves?

It quickly became clear that we didn't get in each other's way in our task, but rather the problem was the overlapping of our roles. We were getting in each other's way. Instead of strengthening each other and moving together in one direction, we were standing on each other's feet. What helped us escape this situation, even grow from it? Our team. Conversations and support in the right places have meant that we are now going in one direction again, together. Joint reflection has helped us to get on the right track, to pay attention to each other and to appreciate each other for who we are.

What have we learned from this? To speak openly and honestly with each other. Seeing what is and then finding a way together. To mirror each other's personalities and define which roles we have and how we can adapt our way of working to each other. Our personality analysis helped us a lot in this and the open exchange about it."

This very personal story from our everyday life shows how important it is to know yourself. Because everything starts with you. It also shows how important it is to have a mutual understanding of each team member's personality and values. She shows how important it is to establish a way of working in the team that supports and nurtures each other. It shows how important it is to know how you want to work as a team and what role each of you has in the team.

Our personality analysis helps you to understand what you need from the team and what you can give. The Team Analysis helps you to understand who you are and who you are in the team. Because only if you know where you all stand together, you can take off as a team.

Start with our Personality Analysis and learn more about yourself: Get started right away.

Anna Albrecht
September 1, 2023