You can see that there is a lack of trust in your team.

Anna Albrecht
February 15, 2023

When trust is lacking within a team, it can lead to problems that affect progress and performance. It's important for team members to recognize early on when trust is lost so they can respond accordingly and rebuild it. Here are 4 signs that may indicate that trust is lacking in your team:


1. Communication problems:

If you are no longer communicating openly and honestly with each other, this may be an indicator that trust is lacking. It is possible that important information is being withheld in your team or that there are misunderstandings that can lead to conflicts.


2. Dissatisfaction and loss of motivation:

Lack of trust can lead to a loss of motivation and dissatisfaction. Team members who feel insecure may have the impression that their work is not valued, which can lead to a decrease in their willingness to perform.


3. Monitoring and micromanagement:

If you have lost trust among yourselves, there may be surveillance and micromanagement. However, this can make you feel constricted and controlled, which can affect your creativity and motivation.


4. Conflicts and stress:

Lack of trust can lead to conflict, which increases stress in the team. If you don't trust each other, inappropriate behavior and poor interactions can occur, which can affect team spirit and performance.


In the next blog post, you will learn how you can strengthen your trust in the team. 

Anna Albrecht
September 1, 2023