How to get through life more easily with a healthy life balance

Kristina Püschel
April 14, 2024

Life balance is your key. Your key to a happier and better life. And in all areas. That is why we have developed our Life Balance model.

Bye, bye work-life balance, hi life balance

Work-life balance simply means reconciling work and family life. But why are these two separate areas? Isn't our job now just as much a part of our life, indeed our identity, as our family? Then there's leisure time, further development, circles of friends and so on. Keeping everything in balance is more than just work-life balance. It is life balance! After all, all facets are part of our lives and we should make sure that everything remains in balance.

In the end, everything is connected: Health, nutrition, exercise, relaxation, job, family... That's why it's so important to keep your entire life in balance. Life balance, in other words.

The Life Balance Model

Our soft.fact Life Balance model consists of 5 pillars:

  • Health
  • Sense & goals
  • Family & friends
  • Job
  • Self-care

We therefore see life balance as a holistic model. If you succeed in bringing these 5 areas into your personal equilibrium, you will have a balanced and healthy life balance. Balance, satisfaction and well-being are the pleasant consequences.

Achieving this balance is not always easy, regular reflection can help you find your balance. You are welcome to use our Life Balance Model Template.

Download the model here for free!

Take time to pause when filling out the form. This reflection will help you to become clearer inside and create a balance.

4 tips for your healthy life balance

Tip 1: Reflection

We have already mentioned this: In order to achieve and maintain balance, it is important to reflect. In other words, to reflect and question. The more regularly, the better. Our life balance model helps you to ask the right questions. Think about the areas in your life where everything is currently running smoothly and where there is still potential for optimization.

By checking in with yourself, you recognize what you need to be more balanced and content again.

Tip 2: Goal setting

By setting yourself clear goals and developing a plan for when and how you want to achieve them, you will have a clear picture of your near future. This allows you to consciously schedule time for all the areas in which you need more in order to achieve balance.

Routines can help you to bring more structure into your life and maintain your balance. Take a look at our white paper.

Tip 3: Flexibility

Don't forget to remain flexible and relaxed. Unforeseeable things often get in the way of your plans. You should remain flexible and relaxed so that this doesn't throw you off course.

Tip 4: Pause for thought

Active breaks and pauses are important so that you don't overexert yourself. Regular breaks help you to recharge your batteries. This gives you strength for new things. And time out is what you make of it: meditation, sport, a walk, a bubble bath... Find your way and plan your time out.

Life balance for a better quality of life

Life balance is key. Make sure you keep your different areas of life in balance and you will be happier and more content.

Kristina Püschel
December 19, 2023